CFDs are the latest addition to our traditional product list and by far the most exciting product available to the retail investor in recent years. CFD enables the clients to receive all the benefits of owning a listed investment without having to physically own the listed investment itself. For instance, an individual is looking to make a stock investment by buying 1,000 IBM shares. Instead of buying the stock itself from a broker, the client can purchase a CFD on IBM through City Credit Investment Bank's trading platform. If IBM's price was to rise by $10 per share, a $10,000 profit would confer to the client just as if he had purchased the actual shares in the stock exchange.

The primary difference to investing in CFDs as oppose to physically owning the listed investments is that there are no exchange fees and much of the trading inefficiencies of the underlying shares are circumvented. Here at City Credit Investment Bank, we aim to offer CFDs with low commissions at very attractive margin requirements as well as many more different strategies of which clients can use for purposes of investment and hedging.