"Mission: City Credit Investment Bank is one of Asia's foremost professional investment banks. Our Group comprises entrepreneurial businesses that integrate people, resources and technology in providing clients with forward-thinking solutions to their financial challenges. We create partnerships that develop and realize into long term success."

For many years now and well into the new millennium, Asia's flourishing economies have precipitated an unprecedented growth in affluence. The new founded wealth has not been limited to just large businesses or the wealthy but has spread across the board. For corporations, their business activities are ever expanding with new product developments and as they enter into new markets beyond traditional boundaries. As for the average individual, accumulation of hard earned personal savings, assets appreciation and relatively stable political and economic conditions have all contributed to an improving and prosperous quality of life. These developments have led to a proportionate increase in the demand for financial products and services and asset management.


We understand that for each company, their needs and objectives are often unique and their financial goals at times can be very challenging. Individuals, on the other hand, are more emotional and require detail and personal attention. Their focus is primarily on the preservation of wealth. While for those with a higher risk tolerance they seek value creation. In any case, private and corporate investors are constantly searching for high quality investment and advisory services. In particular, they want to work with a financial partner who is trustworthy, reliable, capable, and foremost, understanding. City Credit Investment Bank was specifically established for the purpose of addressing these clients' needs and to provide the products and services needed to achieve their financial goals and objectives.


Our private and investment banking businesses have already established a strong foothold in many of the major financial centers around the world. We have built a comprehensive retail network in our core markets with a home grown work force of over 1,500. It is becoming quite clear that this is City Credit Investment Bank strength - an ability to seamlessly execute transactions with strong retail and private placement capabilities at its discretion.


So it should therefore come as no surprise that the asset management team at City Credit Investment Bank has launched investment notes and managed funds with resounding success. To better facilitate our investment banking activities, affiliate and marketing offices has been set up in the U.S., U.K., Taiwan, Japan,and China.


As one of Asia's foremost professional investment bank, we accept the responsibility and understand the need to deliver optimum levels of quality in our products and services. In this regard, we will continually strive to uphold an even higher level of standards in our trade by being ambitious, innovative and passionate. We strongly believe our commitment to quality can and will result in total customer satisfaction.


We recognize that clients' demands and needs have never been more far-reaching. Securing our success will require global resources, technical mastery and trusted relationships. At City Credit Investment Bank, we embody these traits. We are confident in our ability to anticipate change and to provide sound advice and integrated solutions to achieve desired results.


We also recognize that we are in an age of increasing global and local competition. The ability of an organization to build a corporate culture that attracts and retains talented people is rapidly emerging as one of the most important criterion for financial success. It is for this reason City Credit Investment Bank has carefully selected people for their experience, integrity and expertise. Our people are customer service oriented with strong communication skills, dedication, and ambition.


Finally, I find the favorable developments at City Credit Investment Bank to be remarkable. The credit deservingly goes to those at our organization who have made it happen. As we continue our quest, there is still much work ahead. We will continue to build on our strengths and improve upon our weaknesses. We are determined to remain as Asia's foremost professional investment bank by offering optimum financial products and services to clients around the world.


I thank you for taking time to visit our website. We hope to hear from you. Should you require any additional information beyond what is available in our website, please contact us at info@ccibl.net.

Tan Sri Dato Hanafiah Hussain
City Credit Investment Bank